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We consistently meet and exceed customer requirements and the highest standards while continuously improving.

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Assurance Lab

Our in-house quality assurance laboratory and team ensures the highest quality parts are delivered through data collection using Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and gauges to verify dimensional integrity.

Destructive and non-destructive testing is performed on welds to meet customer specified requirements. 

Variable and attribute tests are conducted on the line throughout the manufacturing process.

AFCS Quality Control:

  • 3 CMMs

  • Weld macro analysis equipment

  • In-process vector inspection for bent products

  • In-process torque push test equipment to verify stud/net weldment

  • Gauge calibration


Tools & Processes

Order Management:

Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software applications ensures seamless supply chain and order management. 

We offer:

  • Professional sales and support

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Advanced product quality planning

  • Project management

Compatible systems include:

  • AIM

  • Covisint Manufacturing

  • E-Supplier Connect

  • GM Spoc

  • Plex Online

Design & Engineering:

From 2D design to solid modeling, we use the latest in design software, including:

  • UGS-NX

  • Solid Edge

  • Pro E

  • Catia

  • AutoCad

  • Anvil

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