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We consistently meet and exceed customer requirements and the highest standards while continuously improving.

View our Quality Standards Certifications:

Test Lab

Assurance Lab

Our in-house quality assurance laboratory and team ensures the highest quality parts are delivered through data collection using Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and gauges to verify dimensional integrity.

Variable and attribute tests are conducted on the line throughout the manufacturing process.

AFCS Quality Control:

  • 3 CMMs

  • Weld macro analysis equipment

  • In-process vector inspection for bent products

  • In-process torque push test equipment to verify stud/net weldment

  • Gauge calibration


Tools & Processes

Order Management:

Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software applications ensures seamless supply chain and order management. 

We offer:

  • Professional sales and support

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Advanced product quality planning

  • Project management

Compatible systems include:

  • AIM

  • Covisint Manufacturing

  • E-Supplier Connect

  • GM Spoc

  • Plex Online

Tire Hoist Design & Engineering Services:

From 2D design to solid modeling, we use the latest in design software, including:

  • UGS-NX

  • Solid Edge

  • Pro E

  • Catia

  • AutoCad

  • Anvil

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